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Drones in the photovoltaic industry

19 June 2023 Sebastian Comments Off

Drones have quickly ceased to be regarded solely as gadgets for entertainment or shooting videos from the air. The technology has also found a number of applications in business, including for the photovoltaic industry. Thanks to their advantages, drones have found applications at various stages of the photovoltaic planning, installation and servicing process. See what their practical applications are and why you should take advantage of the opportunities offered by drone inspection.

Drones in the photovoltaic industry - technology at altitude

From the ground, it is difficult to determine the condition of solar panels or plan their placement. Fortunately, today various technologies can be used for this purpose, such as drone inspections. Thanks to the fact that they fly at low altitudes and are subject to precise navigation, drones make it possible to accurately check the condition of solar panels and other components of the system not visible from other perspectives.

Drone filming and photography helps detect damage, contamination or other problems that reduce plant performance. This significantly speeds up the inspection process and reduces its cost.

Site mapping - drone at the planning stage of a photovoltaic project

Another application of drones in photovoltaics is mapping the site before planning and construction of the installation begins. Drones equipped with thermal imaging cameras can collect data on the insolation of an area in particular, allowing them to pinpoint the optimal location for solar panels. This allows investors to optimize their placement for maximum energy efficiency, without disrupting the aesthetics of the landscape or taking up space on the plot.

For large-scale photovoltaic installations, regular monitoring of the condition of solar panels is critical. Drones can perform routine inspections, capturing images and analyzing data from the panels. This can quickly identify damaged or underperforming panels, allowing quick intervention and minimizing energy losses.

Maintenance and repair - when panels need to be serviced

Drones are also used in maintenance and repair work. With precise control and the ability to fly at different altitudes, drones provide valuable images to assess the condition of panels, locate defects and their extent, and select the best methods of repair.

Drones play an important role in the photovoltaic industry today, so consider using them during the design, installation and maintenance phases of the installation.