in rope climbing work

Performance of tasks even in hard-to-reach places and at great heights


Wide range of
offered services

Washing, painting and repairing of façades, installation work, tree cutting and maintenance, work on jacks and work on wind turbines and platforms


Many successful contracts in Poland and abroad

Contracts in various parts of Poland, as well as in Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Estonia and more

Life in Cloud offers to perform work at height using specialized rope access techniques. As experts with extensive experience, we guarantee the highest level of performance.

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Rope-access and high-altitude services - Warsaw

We offer specialized high-altitude work.

As rope access technicians, we carry out assigned tasks using rope access techniques and specialized machinery. This allows us to carry out tasks
in hard-to-reach places and at great heights.

We carry out contracts throughout Poland and Europe.
Our offer of rope-access services includes:

Façade repair










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    Warsaw: industrial rope access technician and high-altitude services

    High-altitude work involves considerable risk and considerable cost. This applies to seemingly simple work, such as cleaning windows or facades, as well as the execution of more complex services related to the assembly or disassembly of structures. In practice, high-altitude services are almost always expensive and demanding to organize. Rope access technicians are specialists who perform services and work at heights quickly, efficiently and safely, and importantly cheaper than companies using traditional access methods such as scaffolding. Our advantage is rope access techniques, which allow us to reach hard-to-reach places at basically any height without the need for specialized equipment. An industrial rope access technician is able to maintain a stable position at the job site for a long time, and this translates into quality and precision of the tasks performed.

    Rope-access Company: Warsaw, Mazowieckie Voivodeship, Poland

    Life in Cloud is a professional rope-access company with an established position in the market. We operate in the city of Warsaw and the entire Mazowieckie voivodship. We also carry out orders in other regions of the country and Europe. As experienced and specialized rope access technicians, we provide a wide range of high-altitude services using rope access techniques. If necessary, we also use specialized lifting equipment. This allows us to provide a comprehensive service for each contract.

    As a rope-access company, we are known for our professional and individual approach to clients. We tailor the scope of our high-altitude services to specific needs each time. We have the competence to professionally execute a range of work related to:

    window and façade cleaning,
    façade repair,
    assembly and disassembly of structures and components,
    tree cutting and maintenance.

    We perform high-altitude work for private and business clients. We service residential, commercial and utility buildings. We provide comprehensive logistical support, so that when ordering us to perform rope-access works, the client does not have to worry about any aspects of their execution.

    High-Altitude Work: Comprehensive Execution of Rope-Access Services.

    We perform the offered ropa-access services using rope access techniques. These techniques are derived from mountaineering and caving techniques. They are very advanced at the present time, and their use requires proper authorization and certification. We are internationally authorized by IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association). The authorizations we hold are honored nearly all over the world.

    We have professional equipment for working at height, which makes us completely independent of third-party companies. At the same time, in situations that require it, we cooperate with companies that provide access to specialized equipment dedicated to work at height. In practice, this allows for comprehensive execution of high-altitude work on any storey of a building.

    Customers interested in taking advantage of our services are encouraged to read in detail the Life in Cloud offer. If you have any questions or concerns, we remain at your disposal. We will happily answer all questions and assess the possibility of execution of the given works from the perspective of the services we provide with rope access.