Installation of pigeon spikes

Installation of pigeon spikes – Warsaw

Admiring birds can be pleasant, but in the woods, not in the center of the city, on your own balcony or terrace. Especially if we are talking about pigeons, which are extremely troublesome tenants. They dirty a lot, are noisy, damage property, and their presence is associated with an unpleasant odor.

If you are a resident of Warsaw and are struggling with this frustrating problem yourself, it's time to change that. The help we offer, i.e. installation of pigeon spikes, will allow you to get rid of unwanted flying guests once and effectively. We invite you to learn more about the service that will bring you peace of mind and protection from birds and all the inconveniences that come with them.

Pigeons - a problem for residents of large cities

Pigeons, while they may seem cute, actually cause many problems for city dwellers. First of all, their droppings are ugly, and their high acidity causes corrosion on buildings, cars and other surfaces. In addition, pigeons carry various diseases, such as ornithosis and histoplasmosis, which pose a threat to human health. For many property owners, both residents and businesses, installing pigeon spikes in Warsaw is the only option to effectively drive them away.

An effective solution - installation of pigeon spikes

Installation of pigeon spikes is not only an effective solution to the problem, but also an investment that will positively affect the condition and design of the building. Here's why you should opt for this service from us:

effectiveness - spikes are one of the most effective solutions for pigeon deterrence. They protect surfaces from birds, eliminating the possibility of birds landing and nesting,
safety - installation of spikes is a safe way to get rid of the pigeon problem. We do not use chemicals or traps that could harm other animals or people,
durability - the spikes are made of durable materials, such as stainless steel, which ensures their long-lasting effectiveness. You don't have to worry about the need for frequent replacement or maintenance,
aesthetics - the spikes are discreet and unobtrusive. Our professional approach to installation makes them well hidden and does not adversely affect the appearance of the building,
legality - the installation of spikes is legal and does not violate animal rights. Protection of property and human health is a priority, so many cities, including Warsaw, approve this method.

Our company specializes in professional installation of spikes in Warsaw and surrounding areas. We invite you to a free consultation!