Façade painting

We know very well that in order to maintain a building in an appropriate technical and visual condition, it takes more than just repair work or regular cleaning. 

In addition to its aesthetic function, painting a building can also protect it from damage.

Before starting painting work, it is necessary to assess the condition of the facade, taking into account the need for repair, as well as washing/cleaning. Only after completing the necessary above-mentioned work can you proceed to coating the facade with the appropriate preparations (substrate, paints or impregnates).

Painting work is carried out by specialists who are qualified and have no less than 2 years of experience in this area.

We use the best quality materials, and the paints we use are weatherproof. The type of materials used is always agreed in advance with the contractor.

The use of rope techniques allows even hard-to-reach areas to be painted, which is not always possible when working on scaffolding or from a hoist.

Eliminating the need for scaffolding also significantly affects the execution time of the task and reduces labor costs while maintaining the high quality of our work.

Façade painting work highly depends on weather conditions. 

They are usually performed in the summer, and, with favorable temperatures, in spring or autumn.

Based on many years of experience, our company offers painting work in such areas as:

façades of buildings
steel structures, including anti-corrosion
gutters, downpipes and other


Façade cleaning

We also undertake work in hard-to-reach places, which are not accessible from scaffolding or jacks. This allows for very precise removal of even stubborn dirt, while ensuring the high quality of the work performed.

Facade cleaning using rope access techniques is an excellent way to restore its visual qualities in a short time and at a lower cost than traditional methods,
i.e., using scaffolding.

When the situation requires it, we also use lifts or elevators, especially since we have qualified and experienced operators for this.

We have a lot of knowledge and experience in façade cleaning, so we approach each order individually. We are open to discussion and will be happy to advise you on the appropriate way to remove dirt using specialized equipment and preparations.

Life in Cloud performs comprehensive cleaning and washing of building façades in the area of:

residential, office and industrial buildings


Assembly and disassembly work

Life In Cloud is engaged in performing a variety of assembly and disassembly work, the execution of which is usually carried out using rope access techniques or specialized machinery.

Some of the most common jobs in this area include assembly/disassembly of:

steel structures
advertisements, banners
safeguards for protection against birds
gutters and downpipes
fire-fighting installations
installation of ventilation ducts
lightning protection installations
Christmas lighting and decorations and more


i pielęgnacja drzew

We cooperate with qualified and experienced specialists in arborist services. Due to the specific type of work, we perform tasks with great attention to safety, and ensure that nearby objects, i.e. houses, cars or roadways, among others, are not damaged. 

Tree cutting using the rope-access method allows precise work in hard-to-reach conditions. 

The use of specialized rope protection allows trees to be cut down in stages from above. Each section is safely transported to the ground. As a result, such work can be carried out in areas where access for heavy equipment is difficult and near various objects.

In addition, tree cutting by the rope-access method significantly reduces the cost of the investment compared to traditional methods. Therefore, dispensing with aerial lifts and heavy equipment in favor of the rope-access method not only allows precise work in difficult conditions, but also has a positive impact on the client's wallet.

In the field of tree cutting and maintenance, we offer you, among other things:

tree cutting using the rope-access method
tree cutting with a basket lift
trimming and forming the tree head
shortening tree heights
cutting of dry branches
trunk milling
cleaning up the site after the work is done, including branch removal


Wind platforms and turbines

repair of wind turbine blades
wind turbine inspections
cleaning oil spills on wind turbines
structure assembly


Rope-Access Window Cleaning

Rope-access window cleaning is a service we provide for the needs of owners and managers of residential, commercial and commercial properties. We provide both cleaning of individual windows and glazing located at great heights, as well as glazed building facades and exterior elevator systems. We precisely remove troublesome contaminants improving the aesthetics of the building and the comfort of glazed rooms.

Rope-access cleaning allows a large area to be serviced in a relatively short period of time while keeping the cost of the service low. Rope access techniques are more economical to use than standard methods that require scaffolding. In situations where washing at height requires it, we are assisted by the support of specialized equipment. This allows us to access and thoroughly clean all, even hard-to-reach windows and glazing.


Polishing of glass
and glass scratches

We are engaged in professional glass polishing using rope access techniques.

repair of glass surfaces, e.g., windows using the rope access method (at height)
removal of deep scratches and nicks on glass
glass grinding and polishing (glass furniture, interior such as doors, glazing, reception counters)

Inspections with DJI Mavic 3T drone

Nowadays, innovation and efficiency are key to success in any industry. Our company specializes in providing professional rope access services, and for the sake of quality and speed of execution, we use a state-of-the-art DJI Mavic 3T drone. Its advanced features, such as 56x hybrid zoom, high-resolution thermal imaging camera and centimeter positioning accuracy, allow us to diagnose problems invisible to the naked eye and precisely plan high-altitude work.

Using the Mavic 3T drone, we are able to quickly and efficiently assess the condition of buildings, installations and structures, minimizing risk and execution time. The drone locates defects invisible to the naked eye, such as:

Thermal bridges of insulation / window frames
Leaks in flashings
Obstruction of gutters
Checking the roofing condition
Overheating of electrical systems
Malfunction of photovoltaic panels
Checking overheating of cells in PV modules
Inspection of dangerous places

The mission report prepared by our engineer can form the basis for:

A bill of quantities or a cost estimate
Technical Opinions or Construction Expert Opinion
Warranty or indemnity claims
Preparation of energy audits or thermo-modernization projects