Inspekcje Dronem

Inspections with DJI Mavic 3T drone

Nowadays, innovation and efficiency are key to success in any industry. Our company specializes in providing professional rope access services, and for the sake of quality and speed of execution, we use a state-of-the-art DJI Mavic 3T drone. Its advanced features, such as 56x hybrid zoom, high-resolution thermal imaging camera and centimeter positioning accuracy, allow us to diagnose problems invisible to the naked eye and precisely plan high-altitude work.

Roof inspections and photography with a drone

Using the Mavic 3T drone, we are able to quickly and efficiently assess the condition of buildings, installations and structures, minimizing risk and execution time. The drone locates defects invisible to the naked eye, such as:

Thermal bridges of insulation / window frames
Leaks in flashings
Obstruction of gutters
Checking the roofing condition
Overheating of electrical systems
Malfunction of photovoltaic panels
Checking overheating of cells in PV modules
Inspection of dangerous places

As you can see, thermal imaging inspections with a drone are useful in a variety of situations and circumstances. It is important that thermal imaging inspections are performed with the right equipment by a person who has experience in this subject. If you need drone filming services, we are at your service!

Why are thermal imaging inspections with a drone performed?

There are many such works that require inspecting the higher parts of buildings. How to get to them? How to gain a broader perspective? This is where thermal imaging inspections definitely come in handy, allowing you to look at the object from a distance and assess it from a technical or visual point of view.

So, filming with a drone gives a better idea of what the construction - all or part of buildings, structures, etc. - looks like. It is used to plan renovation or modernization work, or to create cost estimates or construction expertise. It is essential when applying for compensation or warranty claims.

Specific applications - the scope of drone thermal imaging inspections

You are welcome to work with us if you need drone photography. We guarantee professionalism, expertise and willingness to take on various assignments in designated areas. The range of services provided includes:

thermal imaging inspections by drone to discover leaks, defects, thermal bridges,
photovoltaic panel inspections,
roof inspections,
inspections of heat distribution networks, energy infrastructure.

If you need specific images and data for various processes, applications or inspections, contact us. Drone photography in and around Warsaw is our specialty. We have high-quality equipment and knowledge, allowing us to carry out orders at a very high level. We work with individuals and companies.

The mission report prepared by our engineer can form the basis for:

A bill of quantities or a cost estimate
Technical Opinions or Construction Expert Opinion
Warranty or indemnity claims
Preparation of energy audits or thermo-modernization projects

We perform assembly and disassembly work for individual and business customers. We work using rope access techniques. This translates into high efficiency and safety of conducted activities. Those interested in working with Life in Cloud are encouraged to read our offer in detail, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We are distinguished by extensive experience and broad competence in the execution of services of a diverse nature. If you want to know about the offer and price list for inspection of photovoltaic or other panels, please feel free to contact us. We will provide you with expert advice and technical support.