Façade cleaning

Roof-access façade cleaning

Roof access façade cleaning and washing are services that allow you to restore the original aesthetics of a building's façade. Facade cleaning at height gives you the opportunity to reach every floor and hard-to-reach places and work precisely with the cleaning tool. This makes the façade cleaning more effective, and the achieved effect lasts for a longer period of time - the effective removal and rinsing of dirt means that subsequent dirt does not adhere to the façade with such ease. In addition, the façade can be coated with an impregnating layer that repels dust and other contaminants.


Façade high-pressure cleaning
- Why should you choose Life in Cloud?

Cleaning façades at height is a task that requires adequate knowledge and experience. At Life in Cloud, we use rope access techniques. This allows us to access hard-to-reach places in a very safe way, while keeping the cost of the service low - pressure washing of façades using rope access techniques is incomparably cheaper than traditional methods using scaffolding. We have extensive experience and knowledge to clean all types of facades:

stone façades
clinker façades
glass façades
glass façades
sandwich panel façades

We take an individual approach to each order. We select the methods and techniques of work adequately to the difficulty of reaching the place of work and the degree of soiling of the façade and the material from which it was made. This allows us to work effectively without worrying about damaging the cleaned surface. We successfully remove biological, urbanization and those resulting from acts of intentional devastation of the building from the façade.

In addition to rope access techniques, we also use specialized equipment. We operate efficiently, with respect for hygiene and occupational safety. We successfully reach hard-to-reach places and perform tasks that the competition does not undertake for various reasons.

Façade cleaning at height - Warsaw, Mazowieckie voivodship

Rope access cleaning and pressure washing of façades are services that we direct in particular to customers from the city of Warsaw and the Mazowieckie voivodship. We have extensive experience in the execution of services for private and business clients. We clean façades at any height, providing unrivaled efficiency. With a very good knowledge of cleaning techniques and detergents available on the market, we offer professional advice on the selection of appropriate working methods. This translates into efficiency and safety of cleaned surfaces.

Are you from outside of Warsaw? Do you want to order rope access cleaning of façades? We carry out orders throughout the country and Europe.