Building periodic inspections

Periodic inspections of buildings in Warsaw - professional services for property managers

Did you know that regular periodic inspections of buildings can significantly affect the safety and durability of your property? In many cases, they are not so much voluntary as mandatory and required by the Construction Law.

In accordance with Section 62 [Periodic inspections of the technical condition of the construction facility, installations and wiring]: Construction facilities should be inspected by the owner or manager during their use: periodic inspection, at least once a year, consisting of checking the technical condition (...).

If you own a building in Warsaw, we can perform periodic inspections for you in a comprehensive manner, using professional tools and methods, including mountaineering techniques. We have the necessary qualifications to perform work at heights, so we deal with both single-story and multi-storey buildings.

Life in Cloud's experienced team guarantees that your property will undergo careful and comprehensive inspections that cover all relevant aspects of maintenance and security.

What do periodic inspections of buildings include?

We perform periodic inspections of buildings in Warsaw, which consist of comprehensive or partial verification of the technical condition of the object, cooling equipment, boilers and furnaces, heating systems.

In addition to the basic ones stipulated by the legislation, we also perform periodic inspections of residential or commercial buildings to the extent ordered by the client. In doing so, we use the aforementioned rope access techniques and drone inspections, which guarantees the highest precision and quality of services.

The purpose of periodic inspections of buildings is to verify that exposed components have not been damaged. As well as others that may expire after years of use - furnaces, boilers, heating, gas and electrical systems. The information you receive from us will allow you to keep your building in good shape, avoiding major defects.

Order periodic inspections of buildings - Warsaw

Why should you outsource periodic inspections of buildings to professionals? First of all, our team has the necessary experience and knowledge in the field of inspections - residential, office, industrial, commercial and other buildings. We offer you the service of qualified professionals who operate in accordance with current regulations. So you can be sure that your property meets all safety requirements.