Glass Polishing

Glass polishing and scratch removal at heights

We are engaged in professional glass polishing using rope access techniques. Glazing in hard-to-reach places is a daily occurrence for us. We remove scratches, burns and scale from glass. We also polish first floor windows, storefronts, residential windows, glass in revolving doors and various glazing. We have qualified polishers with years of experience. Our works is always performed at the highest level, giving the polished surfaces a new luster and shine.

Glass Polishing and Repair - Warsaw and Mazowieckie voivodship

Professional glass polishing definitely gives you the opportunity to save money as well as avoid the danger of removing and reinstalling the polished glass on the project. We, as rope access technicians, make it possible to repair the glass without dismantling it. The whole operation is performed by qualified technicians with relevant experience. Glass polishing saves the glass from replacement, thus saving the fund and time resulting from the order and the process of replacing the glass with a new one.

Glass polishing comes out much cheaper than its replacement. Glass we polish will look like new at the end, which we are always happy about together with you.

repair of glass surfaces, e.g., windows using the rope access method (at height)
removal of scratches and nicks of glass at heights
glass grinding and polishing (glass furniture, interior such as doors, glazing, reception counters)

We perform the above services on the exterior and interior of buildings. Removal of scratches at heights is not a problem for us. We operate throughout the country and Europe. We are distinguished by our extensive experience in the industry.

Customers interested in professional assistance of industrial rope access technicians are encouraged to read our offer in detail, and if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

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