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How to effectively clean the façade?

25 October 2023 Sebastian Comments Off

The façades of buildings, even despite many safeguards, are still subject to a lot of dirt. And while you can try to clean the façades of detached houses on your own, with taller buildings it is worth hiring a professional company to do it, since working at heights involves many risks.

Façade cleaning as work at heights

Façade cleaning is one of the many tasks that are performed as work at heights. This specialized form of work may seem trivial, but it involves considerable challenges. The need to operate at a considerable height carries risks and requires the use of appropriate techniques and equipment.

Façade cleaning, especially for large buildings or industrial facilities, can be complicated and time-consuming. That's why it's becoming increasingly common to use the services of professional industrial climbers who, equipped with rope access technicians, are able to reach hard-to-reach areas while ensuring efficiency and safety when performing this type of height work.

Façade cleaning not only improves the aesthetics of a building, but also affects its durability and maintenance, so it is worth betting on professional services in this regard from time to time.

What does rope access façade cleaning consist of?

Cleaning of the facade of a building performed by professional industrial rope access technicians, will restore the original aesthetics of the building. An experienced team of skilled workers has access not only to safety equipment when working at a great distance from the ground, but also specialized tools and preparations, allowing comprehensive cleaning. Thanks to rope access technicians, an experienced industrial climber can reach the most inaccessible places with cleaning equipment, so the entire façade can be cleaned thoroughly, without leaving dirt in the corners of the building or on the top floors.

Effective cleaning of façades under pressure

Among the most effective methods of façade cleaning is pressure cleaning. Such a task is best performed by an experienced worker at heights, who uses a rope system. Pressure washing allows you to thoroughly rinse out the dirt, and by using special impregnating products, you can protect the building from attracting dirt, so it will remain clean for a longer period of time.

Professional façade cleaning is a service that can restore the exterior of a building to its original condition. However, working at heights requires proper authorizations, so façade cleaning is best outsourced to an experienced company. At Life In Cloud, we use rope access techniques, plus we have high-quality cleaning equipment that allows us to perform services with the utmost accuracy and precision. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced in such work, and know how to clean a façade so that the entire job is done well while maintaining the highest safety considerations.