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Altitude work - what is it and what does it look like?

25 October 2023 Sebastian Comments Off

Working at height is considered a high-risk job, involving many dangers. When performing such tasks, it is necessary to take special precautions and use appropriate equipment that will increase the safety of workers. Special authorizations are required to perform mountaineering work, and a worker who wants to perform such duties must undergo appropriate training. What is high-altitude work and what should one know about it?

When do we have to deal with work at height?

According to the regulations, we talk about work at height whenever the difference in level between the workstation and the floor is more than one meter. This type of work includes, among others: work on scaffolding, building structures, roofs, chimneys and other elevations. Persons with authorizations to work at heights can perform window and façade cleaning in multi-story buildings, perform assembly and disassembly of structures, and perform other tasks that require operation at a considerable distance from the ground.

Height at work can be performed by rope access and construction access. The latter means that work is performed on scaffolding, masts, hoists or platforms, for example. Rope access provides greater work mobility and allows you to reach even hard-to-reach places.

Who can perform high-altitude work?

High-altitude work is considered very dangerous, so special mountaineering licenses are required to perform it. Each employee, before starting work, must undergo health and safety training, job instruction and a course for industrial climbers. It is also very important to conduct an appropriate medical examination, on the basis of which the doctor will issue a certificate of no contraindications to work at height. An employer who issues a referral for examination for an employee who is to work at heights of more than 3 meters should remember to make a note of the height in question on the document, as the type of examination conducted will depend on it.

Any person who starts doing high-altitude work should have personal protective equipment and know how to use it.

Work at height - occupational risk assessment

Every worker at heights must familiarize himself with the occupational risk assessment. This is a very important document to make the employee aware of the risks, associated with working at height, and to help them understand the importance of using the appropriate safeguards.

Work at heights should be outsourced to a specialized company with a qualified team and tools to enhance work safety. Life In Cloud performs various types of tasks, from cleaning windows to erecting structures using rope access techniques. We are specialists in the field, and our employees have the necessary skills and authorizations to perform their duties.